FAVE Smart Balance Trainer


  • Q I want to know about exercise effect.
  • A - Balance training allows you to exercise a lot of momentum in a short time by moving through various movements of the central axis.     - With 5 minutes of fave, you can get more than 20 minutes of walking on a treadmill and 10 minutes of running.The core muscles of the core as well as the lower body knees, ankles, muscles around the hip, tendons, strengthen ligaments, as well as various stimuli around the growth plate will give.It also provides a balanced development of large muscles and small muscles, so it is necessary for all growing children as well as adults who want to strengthen their diet and strength.Especially, it has been recognized as a product that has passed the biomechanical performance evaluation of the Busan Shoes Industry Promotion Center equipped with the most advanced measurement equipment in Korea.Currently, professional sports athletes, including the Busan I-Park professional football team, has proved to be effective enough to use the product.
  • Q I want to know the difference between FAVE 450 and..
  • A -FAVE 450 is suitable for the general public and children.    -The ground plane of the foot is wide and the height at the ground is low, so it can be used with stability. -The FAVE 350 is ideal for professional athletes, athletes of all kinds of athletic sports, and athletic athletes. The ground surface of the foot is narrow and the height at the ground is high, so the exercise effect is high.
  • Q Can you stand up to a few kilograms when exercisin..
  • A FAVE 450 and FAVE 350 are designed to withstand over 150 kg body weight.
  • Q Does APP only have an Android version?
  • A - Currently only the Android version is available.  - IOS services will start in January 2019.
  • Q I want to know about the game type.
  • A In addition to the two types of games currently available, various games will continue to be available in the future.